Monday, 2 June 2008

The Two Weeks That Never Were

i have proved myself a poor blogger.
but i'm not even really sorry, because the past two weeks have been so much fun!
allow me to share my favourite details with you, as a form of apology.
(chronological order not guaranteed...)

i made lots of jewellery instead of revising...
see this post for the history of the necklace. for some inexplicable reason, it reminds me of miss moneypenny of the bond books fame.
necklace - handmade
jumper - Topshop Vintage (and shrunk in the wash...thanks mum)
ring - secondhand
hairclip - H&M

i found wooden letters and inadvertently created a new necklace collection...

mine is under construction, as you can see.

i was reunited with a long lost dress, last seen on my sister... the same dress that was seen on The Day of Many Discounts; when going to see Sex And The City at the cinema, four of us got discounted tickets from the lovely cinema boy AND a free lunch thanks to Vicky's contacts at Pizza Hut.

dress - Topshop Unique
tights - Marks and Spencer
shoes - Dr. Martens
hairband - Miss Selfridge
bangles - thrifted
umbrella - Jean Paul Gautier

i've seen lots of big sis...

jumper - dad's
skirt - vintage
shoes - Reebok Classics
necklace - secondhand
flower clip - H&M
socks - Nike

we went out with the family for fancy dinner...

and got entranced by the hotel's beautiful light fixtures...

i found my dream car...seriously, where does one buy a car like this? please, inform.

found some good books in a bargain bin...

tried (and failed miserably) to go to charity shops on a bank holiday...

and the cupboards were bare....

...not a sausage.

and i complimented my friend's shoes...

Topman sale, I do believe!

before all this, i went to prom and after all this, i also went to london.
more about these two happy events soon.


Unwise Pedestrian said...

I love that dress! Thank goodness it found you again...

fash said...

thank goodness my sister felt remorse and handed back over, more like. they did it in yellow too, but i much prefer the red, don't you?