Saturday, 3 May 2008


who doesn't love it when friday finally rolls around? my friday was particularly fun this week.

i finished college at lunchtime, and went to get my undercut put back in by my friend emma and her boyfriend dannie. they do a very good job, pictures to follow. then i got the bus home and met my friend ella who is moving and getting rid of lots of clothes. before we went through them, we bought sandwiches at Tesco and discovered golden syrup sponge ice cream - new favourite flavour, mmm!

in the carpark, i found a pair of flattened glasses in the road.

i don't wear glasses but it's fun looking at everything differently. finding these made me wonder who they belonged to before they got run over. were they thrown away or lost? does their owner miss them, or have they been replaced with a pair of designer frames? i'll find something to do with them. after the ice cream binge, we sorted through the handmedowns ella's giving me and jewellery she doesn't want anymore, and then played with doug, her dog.

top and skirt - Topshop
tights - H&M
boots - Next via eBay
necklace - Bank
bone necklace and bone ring (not shown) - Spain

afterwards, i went home, got changed and then went to a housewarming party. my friend lisa recently moved in just around the corner from me. everyone was going into town afterwards, and they were dressed accordingly, in sequins and stars...

paying attention to the details...

and getting spectacularly smashed.

or perhaps that was just me.
thank god for friday. only six more days until the next...


The Clothes Horse said...

Ironically I am look for a pair of glasses with frames like that!

fash said...

sadly, i doubt you could wear these conventionally anymore.
check back soon for the fun alternative (coming soon to a blog near you)