Wednesday, 14 May 2008


my daddy wears lacoste, my daddy plays guitar.
hectic week! and it's only wednesday. we performed our Midsummer Night's Dream piece tonight - could have gone better...i also handed in my 3000 word personal study for medieval history about women and heresy, paid off my prom, and managed to fit in some sunbathing somewhere.
yesterday night, my big sister sophie came over and made us nachos and enchiladas, the best thing ever to come home to after a long hard rehearsal.
ah well, all done. now i've just got five exams to sit, and then summer can begin properly.

fiona t-shirt - boyfriend's
sophie t-shirt - mum's
fiona shorts - (other) sister's
sophie shorts - Asda
fiona sunglasses - Topshop
sophie hairband - H&M
fiona earrings - Lady Luck Rules Ok
fiona tights - Asda
(i've got a bit of a backlog of pictures, they'll all turn up sooner or later)

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