Wednesday, 7 May 2008


so, i have a friend and she went to a wedding.
beforehand, she was having a semi-crisis in finding something to wear. vicky isn't very conventional and likes to where what she wants whenever she wants, which meant she had to find something she wanted to wear that wouldn't upstage the bride or upset the groom.
in the end, her outfit probably did both, and more. in the most fabulous way possible.

dress - Edinburgh
jacket - The Loft
gloves - John Lewis
shoes - Harlot
necklace - family jewellery
corsage - made by her grandma
hat - Gill Parkin Designs

a charming child told her she didn't like her hat. i think it's better than ten million feather fascinators put together. gill parkin is a friend of vicky's mum, and lives really near us. weirdly, i once did a catering job for her husband's birthday and waited on her dinner party. then a few months later, i was handing out her business cards at my sister's fashion event!

vicky also modelled some shoes for me yesterday, they came in the bag full of things ella gave me. sadly, they're two sizes too small for my feet, but there's something really striking about them, no?

shoes - Asda

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