Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Play Time

today i wore the playsuit.
for a long long time, it has been hanging in my sister's abandoned wardrobe, calling out for a willing wearer.
i had it with tights and a top underneath at college, i don't like showing that much skin to that many teenagers...
it doesn't matter that it makes me look a bit like a pin up crossed with a little girl going to nursery because it was so much fun to run around with it on in the
sunshine! we sat on the field all day on a blanket, did handstand competitions for a while and then i sold some jewellery.
when i came home, i did some gardening with my mum. we planted cabbages, strawberries, rosemary, thyme and tomatoes. now, we're having sausages and rice pudding for tea and later i'm sorting out my costume for a drama piece based on A Midsummer Night's Dream. our dress rehearsal is tomorrow; oh dear.

don't worry, melanie, i was very careful.


The Clothes Horse said...

That playsuit is so colorful, bright and fun. Are they called romper suits because when you wear them you just want to romp in the sunlight?

fash said...

they must be, that's all i did all day!

Felix said...

it is a very good playsuit.

fash said...

why thank you.