Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Innocence, Violence, Silence Please!

Lumikuningatar, 1986

Chuck Palahniuk's Fightclub.

i like it when it's quiet; it's effortless, like a blank piece of paper.
you don't need to fill up the space with words unless you want to.

Monday, 22 September 2008


dress and belt - secondhand

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Mountain Everlasting

i met a friend from home today and we went to the museum. i found a new love - frances macdonald. she's like a mix of gustav klimt, japanese art and charles rennie mackintosh.
her "the legend of the snow-drops" hangs in the museum.

"When ice flakes fell in showers upon that world of death
Some pitying ones

Distilled by angel-breath

Loving flower
And snow-drops thus were born to comfort Eve
Who sorrowful the land of life did leave"

the views from the roof terrace of the national museum of scotland. i still can't quite believe this is where i live now.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Freshly Squeezed

freshers week is so much fun. screw the school discos and the embarrassing c-list musical celebrities; i've gone on a ghost tour of the subbteranean vaults under the city, started sampling the best of scottish bars and visited edinburgh zoo - the only zoo in the UK with koalas. the whole thing is passing fast in a blur of interesting cuisine, new faces and yellow nail varnish. classes start on monday, first gaelic lesson 11am. let's see how that goes...

Friday, 12 September 2008

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Close To You

dress - Uniqlo birthday present

the last night out in my hometown before it's not where i live anymore. this is pre-wine, pre-embarrassment.

ella came round last night for tea and gave me a belated birthday present - a bird brooch, a gold watch necklace and a beautiful little needlebook. we ate curry, and strawberries with cream, and hot buttered potato farles, and we picked the ripe tomatoes from the conservatory.
today, i went to college and said thank you to my tutors, contemplated chaining myself to the drama studio and then went to town with russell and amy. we had a vegetarian lunch and trawled the charity shops. i got a black skirt-dress, a bag, a book and a little floral pot to keep special things in at university.

"just try to make it work"
it feels like all i've done for the past week has been to say goodbyes.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Holiday Recall

the A-Team, Carvoeiro beach

in the waterpark, kicking back to portishead, loving trees and accidental enemas

the banana boat experience, obligatory to any holiday. thank you, thighs of steel, for allowing me some ounce of dignity.

the legendary bango shot explained; fit yourself with the headgear and accessories supplied - it changes seasonally according to vicky the regular (modelling here). this time, it was a war helmet and the ever hyped heartshaped sunglasses, and a chunky metallic item of seeming military importance balanced on your shoulder.
then, chug the beaker-sized shot of goodness knows what in a fetching, if not alarmingly bright, shade of blue...
and feel the wrath of the barman as he hits you repeatedly on the head with his weapon of choice - this year, a baseball bat - whilst the portugese locals laugh at you.

got the last night bluuuuues. damn, did i stick my forehead in a bowling ball polisher? (sun exposure responsible)

at times when you're required to return to academics after a lengthy abstinence, it's always nice to remember times when you had endless sunshine, an amazing south african restaurant round the corner and a friend on tap to drink brain haemorrage shots with when no one else finds you socially acceptable.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

I'm Home Grown

i'm going to miss the organic vegetables my dad brings home on wednesdays, and not needing to water our cabbages because of unseasonal rainstorms.
jumper - daddy dearest's

but the necklaces both my sisters bought me for my birthday will remind me of home when i'm far away from it.
carrot and watering can necklaces - karen walker

i will have to recreate this sandwich when feeling homesick, and pretend to be back safe by my fireplace, listening out for the thunder.
bacon, dijon mustard, mayonnaise, shredded raw cabbage, cucumber and victorian chutney on homemade bread.

i don't know why i never remembered to listen to scarlett johansson sing...thank you electronicrobots for the timely awakening.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Vogue Take Two

big sis strikes again!
British Vogue, September 2008 (a little late, i realise)