Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Innocence, Violence, Silence Please!

Lumikuningatar, 1986

Chuck Palahniuk's Fightclub.

i like it when it's quiet; it's effortless, like a blank piece of paper.
you don't need to fill up the space with words unless you want to.


yiqin; said...

Thanks for the video :) It is awesome! Sometimes I like to be alone, immersed in my own thoughts too!

ruby may said...

HIIIII! I wondered how you were going at school and everything! It seems like you are having an amazing time. I really really want to go to scotland wow it looks amazinng amazing, like more history that any other place you could ever go.
yeah great videos as well, thanks for that! I was pretty bored!

Winnie said...

Love your song choices! Hope Scotland is treating you well!xx

Anonymous said...

David Fincher's Fight Club, get it right Fiona.

fash said...

declare yourself, anonymous.