Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Close To You

dress - Uniqlo birthday present

the last night out in my hometown before it's not where i live anymore. this is pre-wine, pre-embarrassment.

ella came round last night for tea and gave me a belated birthday present - a bird brooch, a gold watch necklace and a beautiful little needlebook. we ate curry, and strawberries with cream, and hot buttered potato farles, and we picked the ripe tomatoes from the conservatory.
today, i went to college and said thank you to my tutors, contemplated chaining myself to the drama studio and then went to town with russell and amy. we had a vegetarian lunch and trawled the charity shops. i got a black skirt-dress, a bag, a book and a little floral pot to keep special things in at university.

"just try to make it work"
it feels like all i've done for the past week has been to say goodbyes.


Cayt said...

I'm with you on the goodbyes thing.

Also, I recognise the menus in the drink picture. Did you love it? Aren't they wonderful people?

I've cried so much these last few days. Goodbyes are horrible.

Ida said...

How do you make all stuff considered everyday and casual appear so special and adorable? You make me miss my pre-college time more than ever.

Good luck with the new stage of your life, darling.


Winnie said...

After I left Uni my favourite saying was 'it's never goodbye' Love that uniqlo dress, I came close to buying it a while back!

ray said...

lovly photos.your dress is gorgous xxx