Sunday, 21 September 2008

Mountain Everlasting

i met a friend from home today and we went to the museum. i found a new love - frances macdonald. she's like a mix of gustav klimt, japanese art and charles rennie mackintosh.
her "the legend of the snow-drops" hangs in the museum.

"When ice flakes fell in showers upon that world of death
Some pitying ones

Distilled by angel-breath

Loving flower
And snow-drops thus were born to comfort Eve
Who sorrowful the land of life did leave"

the views from the roof terrace of the national museum of scotland. i still can't quite believe this is where i live now.


Aube said...

Beautifull paintings. I have to look for some more of her on the web.
It's Edinburgh, isn't it?
I've been to Scotland like 10 years ago for 6 months and comparing to all other places I visited in my like, Scotland is the place I want to go back the most...

thetinylittlegirl said...

oooh lovely painting.

i stayed in edinburgh for a week a few years ago (as part of my euro-trip), loved it there!
so jealous you live there now ;-)

Laura said...

I hadn't heard before about Frances MacDonald, but her work seems to be really great!

Nice shots, by the way. I was in Edinburgh two years ago and haven't got but great memories of those couple of days I spent there.