Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Dancing Barefoot

androgyny, outrageous behaviour and lyrics that read like poetry
messy hair, ripped jeans, bad attitude, no shoes.

I'm dancing barefoot, heading for a spin
Some strange music draws me in
Makes me come on like some heroin/e

Monday, 28 April 2008

Dry Spaghetti

my friend oliver came round tonight, we practiced some songs.
he's probably the best musician i know and everytime he comes to visit, i make him a coffee and hand him the guitar.
we have fun.
later on, we drove to his house for a while, and ended up having late night pasta with chilli and garlic. he's also a very good cook.

the dress i'm wearing is a maxi dress, but i ruched and pinned it at both hips.
this morning i had extra time to get ready because on mondays my friend matthew gives me a lift to college.
i'm in the process of wearing in my docs. me feet are feeling unforgiving. also, my hair is finally long enough to tie up! on the side that wasn't shaven, at least.

dress - made by my sister and my gran
jeans - Topshop
belt - scavenged off a nightclub floor
shoes - Doc Martens

Saturday, 26 April 2008

This is Coach F

today, i went to visit my cousin who lives in birmingham. stupidly, i forgot my camera. the weather was nicer in the midlands than at home and the cherry blossom was out. i met his girlfriend, and got the train back as it was getting dark. i love riding trains alone, and for some reason, i always feel happiest on virgin trains in coach f. saying that, i upgraded myself to empty first class on my last train which was coach g. forgive the treachery.


i went to a costume party on friday night.

flares - rosie's (Topshop)
crop top - H&M
vest - Twitch Vintage @ebay
pendant - Topshop
wooden beads and knitted hairband - my own handiwork
moustache - best friend's boyfriend

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Ring Ring

i made some new jewellery this weekend, when i wasn't shopping.

Daffodown Dilly

i love this skirt so much, even if my legs are a bit too long for it to be a respectable length of dress for daytime. it was probably the biggest bargain of my life. vicky and i like carboots, we sometimes go and sell things. last time, this woman sold us four things for 10p. so my skirt cost 2.5p. YES.
the belt is a new addition, i bought it on saturday. my friend told me today it's a real military belt. he should know, he was a cadet. his name is joe and he goes and lives in the lake district every so often.

(worn as dress) - Burscough carboot sale
belt - Oxfam Originals
jeans - H&M

it quite reminds me of a picture i took a few weeks ago of a girl in college called robyn. her dress was so pretty that i dragged her to the back of the drama theatre and snapped her. we had a little conference about her outfit, and we think (she couldn't remember) the dress is from one of my favourite places in the northern quarter in manchester. behind her is one of the screens painted for a student-produced play called "The Spidermen" some of my friends are in. i went to see it tonight, it was good!

dress - Retro Rehab
blazer - Red Herring
necklace - New Look
hairclip - H&M

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Rosy Posy

yesterday, i wore a pretty scarf.but really, it was a tablecloth.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


today was nice; the weather was beautiful and i had a good driving lesson. came home, went out for steak and a raspberry beer with my dad and then vicky came and picked me up. we had a car sing-a-long to the cure and then she gave me a pot of old jewellery to see what i could salvage. tomorrow is friday. to go out, or not to go out...that is the question.

sunglasses at night! how trashy, found them in vicky's car. the cashmere jumper belonged to my late great aunt (great by relation and great in general), the jeans are my trusty H&M skinnies, the shoes were £4 from a cheap shoe outlet and the brooch is my sister's - i found it by the washing machine after she went back to london. as you can see, my cat decided he wanted to be a model for the night.
his name is muffin.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Good Hand

t-shirt - Urban Outfitters
skirt - secondhand (Topshop)
tights - Marks and Spencer
socks - H&M

i bought the t-shirt last year, visiting my sister in london. it cost more than it's worth, but i knew i'd always regret not being able to wear it to meet some poor boy's mother. especially teamed with that skirt's skyhigh hemline.

Summer Incoming

jess, jess, she's always well dressed
(and not special needs as the face may suggest)

seriously though, i've never seen her in a bad outfit and that little blue skirt brightened up my day. as did the homecoming of my girls! they've been in lanzarote since last thursday, and came to college today in beach bum jewellery and summer stripes and checks, all shiny and sunkissed. thought they deserved a pictorial debut to celebrate. sophie's in red and emily's in grey.

they brought some sunshine home with them too, a nice antedote to the april showers...

Monday, 14 April 2008

Blustery Girls

Today in college...

Rose (left)
flares and t-shirt - Topshop
shoes - Peacocks
and her cute leather loop belt was her grandma's. nana got style.

Podge (right)
t-shirt - Zara
skirt - River Island
shoes - Topshop
you can't see it, but she's wearing a tiny crayon necklace too. so sweet!

Today's Menu


vest top and waistcoat - Asda
skinny jeans - H&M
necklace - Topshop
cuff - ??? (my sister's)
shoes - Miss Selfridge

my favourite dinner lady, who always gives me extra curly fries, said today how much she loved my beads. then she gave me more coleslaw on my sandwich. what a nice lady.

Wheel Spin

my friend is clearly going to have to bring out a new line of clothing. after reuniting with "fashion wheel" (are we the only two people to recall this childhood wonder-toy?) she designed these two works of art. watch this space, she'll be debuting in london, september '08.

Friday, 11 April 2008

In The Beginning

consider this an introduction.
my name is fiona.
i always count magpies, i don't like fungus in any shape or form and my hair quite blatantly isn't real.

i like clothes. a lot.
more to come.

vest - H&M
skirt - Primark (second hand)
sweater vest - thrifted and altered
necklace - Mango
scarf (worn as hairbow) - Oxfam Originals
glass beads (worn as bracelet) - family jewellery
bangles - assorted (Egypt/Topshop/thrifted)
socks - Topshop