Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Daffodown Dilly

i love this skirt so much, even if my legs are a bit too long for it to be a respectable length of dress for daytime. it was probably the biggest bargain of my life. vicky and i like carboots, we sometimes go and sell things. last time, this woman sold us four things for 10p. so my skirt cost 2.5p. YES.
the belt is a new addition, i bought it on saturday. my friend told me today it's a real military belt. he should know, he was a cadet. his name is joe and he goes and lives in the lake district every so often.

(worn as dress) - Burscough carboot sale
belt - Oxfam Originals
jeans - H&M

it quite reminds me of a picture i took a few weeks ago of a girl in college called robyn. her dress was so pretty that i dragged her to the back of the drama theatre and snapped her. we had a little conference about her outfit, and we think (she couldn't remember) the dress is from one of my favourite places in the northern quarter in manchester. behind her is one of the screens painted for a student-produced play called "The Spidermen" some of my friends are in. i went to see it tonight, it was good!

dress - Retro Rehab
blazer - Red Herring
necklace - New Look
hairclip - H&M

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