Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Good Hand

t-shirt - Urban Outfitters
skirt - secondhand (Topshop)
tights - Marks and Spencer
socks - H&M

i bought the t-shirt last year, visiting my sister in london. it cost more than it's worth, but i knew i'd always regret not being able to wear it to meet some poor boy's mother. especially teamed with that skirt's skyhigh hemline.


Nicola. said...

if you want my body
and you think im sexy
come on sugar
let me know.

you always look good :)
and when i say always, i am excluding first thing in a morning after a long night, any time 24 hours after running cross country and, of course, when fashioning the leaver's do face.

fash said...

thank you. it's nice to know, however good you might look, there'll always be someone there to remember the times you look hideous :)