Thursday, 17 April 2008


today was nice; the weather was beautiful and i had a good driving lesson. came home, went out for steak and a raspberry beer with my dad and then vicky came and picked me up. we had a car sing-a-long to the cure and then she gave me a pot of old jewellery to see what i could salvage. tomorrow is friday. to go out, or not to go out...that is the question.

sunglasses at night! how trashy, found them in vicky's car. the cashmere jumper belonged to my late great aunt (great by relation and great in general), the jeans are my trusty H&M skinnies, the shoes were £4 from a cheap shoe outlet and the brooch is my sister's - i found it by the washing machine after she went back to london. as you can see, my cat decided he wanted to be a model for the night.
his name is muffin.

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