Monday, 28 April 2008

Dry Spaghetti

my friend oliver came round tonight, we practiced some songs.
he's probably the best musician i know and everytime he comes to visit, i make him a coffee and hand him the guitar.
we have fun.
later on, we drove to his house for a while, and ended up having late night pasta with chilli and garlic. he's also a very good cook.

the dress i'm wearing is a maxi dress, but i ruched and pinned it at both hips.
this morning i had extra time to get ready because on mondays my friend matthew gives me a lift to college.
i'm in the process of wearing in my docs. me feet are feeling unforgiving. also, my hair is finally long enough to tie up! on the side that wasn't shaven, at least.

dress - made by my sister and my gran
jeans - Topshop
belt - scavenged off a nightclub floor
shoes - Doc Martens


wisesim said...

You look stunning in that dress. :)

fash said...

why thank you wisesim, you are too kind