Wednesday, 1 October 2008


fighting temptation; i refuse to believe
that men must be adam, and all women eve.

complete gaelic homework on the day it is given, leaving me more time to crawl, crying, to my director of studies and beg for help when i find that i can't do it;
buy the following: all 8 prescribed text books - a potato masher - lightbulbs - replacement mayonnaise for rosie;
sign up for archaeology weekend trips before it gets too cold;
buy suitable footwear for said trips;
compile a comprehensive list of the best charity shops from southbridge to south clerk street;
write at least 3 songs with becky;
stop living off tins of tuna and peanut butter and frozen pizza, and buy some fresh groceries before i get scurvy and my teeth fall out and i lose all my friends.

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