Monday, 27 October 2008

"I want to ride my..."

if only edinburgh weren't so hilly...

anja louise verdugo

steve h

hannah s




all un-creditted courtesy of wonderous israel-based style blog
the street walker.


yiqin; said...

I really want a pretty bike wit a pretty basket! Too bad I cant cycle :(

Blicious said...

i want a bike sooooo bad!

Winnie said...

Love that girl with the red bag! Though my favourite is the girl who manages to match her yellow sandals to her bike! Love it.

Te said...

Oh these make me want to ride my bike around the streets of Melbourne so badly, but I have this fear...of dying! Ít's a toss up really; wear a helmet and lose fashion cred, don't wear a helmet and face looking stylish when your head gets pulped. Hmmmm.