Thursday, 16 October 2008

Bats for Hats

so i went and
got me a hat.

this delightful granddad-esque titfer is from the marie curie charity shop on nicholson street, where i also bought a big thick navy cardigan for a fiver (i like to think both the hat and the cardigan were owned by the same old man and worn in conjunction with each other), because it's definitely cardigan weather in edinburgh. and at the 20% Topshop student sale, i got some ever-essential leggings, my black lace up FMPs as my american brethren call them (that translates to "fuck me pumps", pardon my french - pictures of them coming soon, you will have to be 18+ to view) and some nice new knickers. all in all, a good haul. and i didn't lose my head once.

(photo by my lovely flatmate tori, who really is that hilarious)

i think natasha khan might be a dream.
one of those amazing dreams that are so amazing that your heart races and wakes you up, and that make you roll back over away from the light, to try and fall back asleep and find them again.

1 comment:

Jordan said...

Ha, I can just imagine an old man walking past you in the street, amazed at the use his old clothes are now being put to.