Monday, 19 May 2008

I Hate Mondays

top - Topshop
cardigan - sister's (Primark)
cut-offs - handmedowns
bag - thrifted
scarf (worn as bow) - thrifted
i don't really like brown very much, except in leather. nor do i like beige. however, the cardigan is sparkly so technically it's gold. and the brown...well, it was the first thing i fell into when i rolled out of bed.

my sister came home for the weekend, and now she's gone back to london. she drew herself in comic strip form to keep me company.
tomorrow is my best friend's 18th birthday as well as the day my parents go away to the lake district, and also the night my sister and i are going out for a meal. i have two art books to return to the library. i'm meant to be helping a boy friend shop for a shirt. i've got a driving lesson on friday morning and work on saturday.
this week is my last week in college, and there's so much to do that i keep forgetting what i'm doing and when.
we have lessons until thursday and then our prom is on friday. still no shoes.

boot update: the stretchers are in place and hopefully doing their job. right now, i have my boots on my windowsill. i figure, if i can't wear them then i can at least look at them every day. they really remind me of another R&B pair...
old school.


Super Kawaii Mama said...

Very cute outfit. I really love your hair like this, all sort of tousled and whimsical.

fash said...

thank you! whenever i go to sleep with wet hair, i wake up with it looking like this. i rather like birds' nest barnets.

Anonymous said...

that drawing is dead good



fash said...

she comes from a rather talented gene pool.