Sunday, 18 May 2008

Fateful Napkin

yesterday at lunch, in Pret A Manger in piccadilly gardens, manchester....
i was handed this:
as i was about to wipe the remnants of jalapeno chicken wrap off my face with it, i realised; it's actually prophetic. the main thing on my menu for summer (in regards to wardrobe, not cuisine) is CHECKS. as soon as i cottoned on, i was seeing checks everywhere. the big lumberjack-looking guy on the train, the girl waiting for a taxi at morrison's...i get home and watch Mallrats and there's brody a.k.a. jason lee, in bed with a checked duvet!

i checked out my wardrobe and realised just how many checked items i own. there's my favourite little tartan mini skirt, the red and black bargain from Asda's boys' section, a customised green granny skirt, my secondhand plaid shirt, two scarves, a bag...
maybe i need to check myself into rehab. or just wear it all at once!

pictures: fabric from my sewing box

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