Saturday, 10 May 2008

Giz Your Credit Card

after getting a phonecall from a friend late last night, i was picked up sometime around 11.30pm and proceeded to drink cider in their garden until the early hours. mittens the cat was kind enough to sleep on my head whilst i was stupid enough to leave the blinds open, meaning i woke up in sunshine at 6am.
tonight i decided to do some online shopping, or should i say online window shopping as i am currently credit card-less and probably will remain so until i am responsible - see me never having a credit card.
i was meant to go into town today to shop properly, but everyone was busy. i ended up going to yorkshire to see my family anyway, which was lovely. is a website that specialises in recycled products, and as i was searching through jewellery, i really liked most of the Kathy Bransfield pieces (except the price tag), specifically the oscar wilde quote necklaces - if only they didn't have those hideous asterix/rectangle charms! the "remember what's important" necklace was even better; i really like trees at the moment, probably because it's summertime again and therefore time to climb. i keep seeing people popping up in the same perfect tree print t-shirt. downside? it's from primark. is a uk-based brand, completely unpretentious and a firm favourite of mine. i began my oaf-session (pardon the pun) a couple of years ago with this little beauty which has never let me down, and then i joined it with t-shirt number 2 that i took on holiday with me. how hilarious am i. i have another one from the oafette range, turquoise with a faux bow, but still am not satisfied! my next victim is lined up... the trashy vamp lips tee in purple.

twitch vintage is an ebay shop (she's also on myspace: /twitchvintage) that sells some beautiful clothes, lots pretty cheap for what they are, and updates with new auctions every twitch tuesday. the diversity of the items she has makes it feel more like a pick and mix than anything - you've got to sort through all the different eras, styles, colours, prints, shapes...just to find what you'd most like to bid on.
this week it's time to join the navy - i'm in love with her tent dress and crocheted sunshift, as well as the ruffle dress (black not navy, and a little slutty, but still stunning).

heidi seeker is a bit nuts, i can't look at the site for too long or my eyes start watering and i want to lie down in a darkened room with muted floral wallpaper to counter-act its loud colours and juxtaposing patterns. one thing i've had my eye on for ages is the mini boombox bag that comes with working speakers. i know it's tacky, and the sound quality would be horrendous, and technically, i'd be no better than someone who walks around with their phone blasting out tunes...


Felix said...

No you must get the boom box bag.

It is amazing; I caved and ordered one last week and couldn't be happier with it.

The sound quality isn't that bad...
it is more than compensated for by the amazing, kitschy design of the awesome bag.

Sorry if I just destroyed your very last vestiges of self-restraint but the bag is amazing.

fash said...

there's no holding back now.....aaaaah!

but thank you, at least now i know i'm not alone.