Friday, 6 June 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

oh, we did. it was my friend's 18th and we celebrated in gastronimcal style.

nicola and becki bond over cake
ella loves cake!
i even kiss my cake
...they didn't want any cake.

after being charmed by italian waiters and with cake coming out of our ears, i lined them up and shot them, and then got shot myself.
vest and skirt - Topshop
shoes - Next
jewellery - Pilgrim

dress (worn as top) - F&F @ Tesco
skirt, bag and necklace - Primark
belt and pearl and bronze bracelets - Topshop
shoes - ella's mums (Topshop)
black bracelet - ???
dress, necklace and tights - Topshop
necklace - ASOS
shoes - Next
earrings - Dubai
cake - Tesco
shirt and jeans - Topshop
blazer - secondhand, customised
belt - from childhood...
shoes - Miss Selfridge
bag - SwapShop
necklace - Lady Luck Rules OK
bracelets - thrifted/sister's
top and shoes - Topshop
shorts - Kate Moss @ Topshop
bolero - Miss Selfridge
belt - Primark
bag - Oasis
ring - Accessorize
bracelet - Manchester Fashion Market
t-shirt - ???
playsuit and bag - Primark
shoes - New Look
hairband - Topshop
bracelet - present

then nicola and i went to see ella's new house. her room is all finished and looks beautiful. she has a fireplace with the original tiles, and we spent ages playing with the magnets she has, leaving her little cryptic messages...

on the walk home (seeing as ella moved in five minutes away from our estate), we saw this beauty parked right outside my house. if the flash from the camera hadn't alerted the neighbours, we might have driven away into the night.

i think i'll go get in bed and watch Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.

it seems rather fitting.


Winnie said...

You all look like you had fun and you guys look so stylish! Marie Antoinette is definitely worth watching just for the abundance of cake and shoes. Yum.

fash said...

it's one of my favourites! except when hungry...there's nothing as bad as being taunted by baked goods on an empty stomach.

The Clothes Horse said...

Everyone looks awesome. And I want some cake! Also, your hair is gorgeous. I don't want to dye mine in stages, but I will probably take your advice and that of my hairdresser!

fash said...

i know, i got so mad when they said that! but i think if i had gone from practically black to practically white in one sitting, i might be bald right now...
good luck with it! i'm sure you'll look fantastic whatever you do.

Little Rascal said...

Cute pillow case.
It has a very Swedish feel to it.

fash said...

isn't it sweet? i have a feeling it's from laura ashley. it makes me think (in the best way) of nurseries.

Anonymous said...

lol at the picture of you eating cake

trying to look all sophisticated

when i know you just shovelled it in after the picture

i adore you



fash said...

cheeky! i did no such thing :)