Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Bread and Honey

today, i had my first a-level exam - two papers of medieval history on which i wrote for 3 hours. it did not go well.
but when i came home and had a big honey sandwich on homemade bread with a cold glass of milk, i realised all is not lost. academics aren't everything, just like money isn't everything. and i don't think i've ever been in a bad situation i couldn't claw my way out of, so i have this inexplicable underlying certainty that everything's going to be alright.
my next exam is in two weeks' time. so until then, i am pretty much housebound in order to do revision and chores. somehow, i think i'll find myself elsewhere between now and then.

thanks to style bubble, i have discovered the whimsical wonder that is Prim. it's clever and colourful, innovative and interesting - everything i like to think i am at my best, in an e-zine. go discover it yourself, please.
also, i never paid my respects, as any respectable style-conscious writer would, to the late YSL. consider this a belated word of admiration and appreciation for his pioneering work in fashion. i hope he rests in peace, perhaps in a couture-clad heaven.


sweeetheartfever said...

huzzah huzzah. honey and homemade bread will cure all worldly ails! haha. don't fret about thinking you did poorly on your exams, i bet that you did way better than you think (you seem like a smart girl!) and school is definitely not the end all be all. beautiful blog, lady! nice to make your online acquaintance.

fash said...

it should be marketed as a miracle cure. sore throat? boy troubles? standardised examinations? honey and homemade bread!
thank you and vice versa. i can tell i'll be running to you for recipes in the months to come.