Monday, 9 June 2008

Sunny Days

my oldest sister and i went for a picnic in the park on sunday. my parents went to a gala day whilst we were picnicking, and bought me a jar of lavender and lemon marmalade.

and today i made cauliflower cheese for tea after my friend oliver came round. we sat in the garden and ate the first strawberries that my mum and i planted a few months ago.

top - H&M
dress - Topshop
belt - thrifted


yiqin; said...

Wow, what a lovely mix of patterns! I love the colors :) & yes, I have never worn a bikini out before acutally!!

fash said...

my sister handed me down a really cute 70s floral one, i wore it at the weekend to sunbathe in. it's so pretty, i never like the bikinis i see, and then she gave me the perfect one!


thanks for the comment

I've been inspired to dress a little more on the classic side lately =)