Saturday, 21 June 2008

A Very Long Day

days after nights on the town often are, but today being the summer solstice and the longest day of the year made it even more obvious.


blouse - sister handmedown (vintage)
knitted vest - secondhand
skirt - charity shop, altered
brooch - family jewellery
shoes - Docs

i finished my exams yesterday and went into town to celebrate, such a good night. you know this for fact when you're still smiling, even after a half an hour walk home around 4am when the dawn is breaking and you've been forced to remove your high heels.

if only i had just come home from portugal that afternoon - i'd be wearing cute feet-friendly woven flats like vicky.

whilst out, i spotted a few dancers donned in denim jackets. this blast from the past hitting everyone's wardrobes has made me think long and hard about my feud with the dreaded double denim disaster. the possible peace pact has also been fueled by seeing fashion-foward sites like childhood flames and the capricious club displaying denim in anything but dated style.

the lovely caroline; "you do realise that by wearing that, you are automatically ascended to fashion royalty in here."

a nice boy named andrew; "it's from a charity shop near newcastle...i know, i'm cool."

the after effects of last night's revelries were, contrastingly, not cool. lucky for me, vic lent me a nice head-splittingly patterned jumper affectionately christened "the zach morris jumper" after the delightful (often denim clad) blonde boyband-esque hero of '80s tv series Saved By The Bell.
i came home, queasy but comfortably cosy, and collapsed. after the healing power of cocopops and a long hot shower, my boyfriend came to pick me up and we went to our friend's 18th. now i think i've earned the right to hit the hay. even if it won't be totally dark for another hour or so. damned solstice.

(apologies for the constant alliterating, i'm not sure what's come over me. maybe it's a last sling at my english language exam...)


Wendy said...

I want to do a double denim outfit also.

MR style said...

your pics are funny !!! it looks like u'r havin a lot of fun ! cheers !

Svenske Floyd said...

Congrats to your exam, and your alliterations are funny! I like the most that one about denim. Why do you hate denim?

julia. said...

oh, i love the way you are clothing. odd and funky and absolutely genious! take it as a compliment, because im really jealous.

yiqin; said...

Wow, the first outfit is GENIUS! Thew polka dots, sweater vest, you look so pretty!!!!! I love the outfit! :D

Winnie said...

I wish I hadn't thrown out my old denim jackets years ago. Shame. The brooch is cute.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that sweater!!

Ida said...

The sweater is really cool but I am actually in love with the shoes-in-hand picture. Stylish AND cute!


I love your sweater! So cute!


Brandi Stone said...

your pics are all great!