Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bitter Knitter

after a recent introduction to qin, i went to check out her blog and when backtracking, found this post. it reminded me of an item i knitted last december to sell at my sister's fashion event, WTF. it's more than a collar, not quite a scarf, and so cosy!

i miss knitting! my mother taught me how, and she still knits herself (currently, she's making me some really cute socks). my sister and i looked through some skeins of wool at the market in london, talking to a woman knitting a scarf, and thinking of mum and all the nice things she would make with them.
keeping myself occupied at the back of the bus home from college with my music on full blast and knitting needles at the ready earned me the nickname "bitter knitter". but it's just not a summertime sport for me. until winter hits again (which could be sooner than i bargained for, seeing as this is england and last summer was a precipatory disaster), i'll just keep the knitter within occupied with Prick Your Finger and put my woolly weapons away somewhere safe.


yiqin; said...

I would love to be able to knit! I need start to learn knitting soon! My mother forgot how to sew & knit!~ :(

fash said...

learn again! it's so much fun.


thanks for your comment xx

seriously, i want that sweater knit confection of fun you are wearing above!! ♥

fash said...

i'd sell it to you, but are you sure you'd need one in miami?