Saturday, 14 June 2008


until exams are over (next friday at 3.30pm, not that i'm counting the minutes), it seems like the days when i don't go out and do something are long and boring, filled with things like washing clothes, watering the tomatoes or waiting for the gutter-cleaning man to turn up. basically, anything that takes me away from revision. however, there are nice little bits that make boring days bearable.

wearing something nice always makes me feel a bit better.
as does a guilty pleasure here and there, like watching the gilmore girls.

tonight i went to a 21st birthday of an old friend's sister and then to a housewarming party, and after that to pick my dad up from a rugby dinner. nothing like a room full of rugged men calling you sweetheart to make an average outfit feel like couture. even if i did just smile, say nothing and walk my father tipsily to the car.

top - secondhand
jeans - Topshop
belt - sometime in the last decade
shoes - New Look "con"verse
bag - SwapShop
necklace - Me&Yu
and please pardon the red eye.


Wendy said...

Gosh I love your hair, the color and the style. And your outfit is very comfortable but also quite interesting with the hint of bold red of the purse.

yiqin; said...

Your hair is just amazing!!!! I wish I can pull off such hair style as well as you!


Thanks for your comment. Love this look! By the way, French was my favorite class all 4 years in high school. ;)

aziza said...

I like your hair. I love the way you can make it sweet or edgy depending on your mood.