Sunday, 8 June 2008

Schoolgirl Error

my friends are so much fun. as soon as i arrived at the school disco (fashionably late as per), i was greeted with the cutest homemade cupcakes and vodka jelly.

vest - handmedown
cardigan - Primark
(bought three years ago - i feel like i have to justify that i was young and naive at the time of purchase, nothing but a real silly schoolgirl who didn't appreciate the pure evil that is Primark, even with it's recent beginnings of an ethical makeover)
tie - my sister's old school one
tights - Marks and Spencer, attacked with scissors
socks - ???
and you can't see it, but i'm wearing my Docs as well

just like a real schoolgirl, i had too much cider to drink, ran around being silly with my girlfriends and punched a couple of boys. the only thing missing was smoking behind the bike shed.


yiqin; said...

Love the knee length socks! Hahaha yes something you've made yourself is definitely better!

The Clothes Horse said...

Ha-ha, that looks like a fun night!