Monday, 30 June 2008

Catching Up

since thursday...

drinking peppermint tea by the fire with matthew, avoiding the horrible weather

one of my great uncle's medals

saving the peonies that grew in our garden from torrential rain

waving off my girlfriends to their holiday in ibiza
vintage silk scarf, topshop flower earrings and top from forever21 in new york

going to this year's "city of culture" to sort out my passport and see the gustav klimt exhibition

sitting on the dock, eating packed lunch with vicky

visiting the international slave museum

wandering around liverpool, spotting these funny banana shaped sheep

drinking myself stupid at matthew's 18th

admiring his little sister liz
topshop dress and french connection shoes

crashing and burning, and going to bed.

I'm giving up on alcohol until further notice.
I've also set myself a challenge - no new clothes for a whole month, starting on 1st July (this means I can buy secondhand stuff, go to charity shops and vintage boutiques, be given handmedowns and presents...but not buy anything brand new off the highstreet).
I'm so tired of being disappointed by shops and brands, just finding out that you can't trust anyone to produce clothes morally or ethically. It's not as much a protest as a project that'll hopefully make me feel better about myself. I don't need any new clothes, especially ones made by people not getting paid a fair wage for them.
If all goes well, I'll see about keeping it going through August. Expect a progress report later on in the month.


Ida said...

Yay for Gustav Klimt! Love his work, and have The Kiss hanging right above my head as I type:))

Sorry for the rain:(

No shopping for a whole month? Let me know how it goes!

julia. said...

oh, that sounds great, not buying anything new. maybe i should try it myself. and when i saw the last picture it felt like i recognize you from something. have you been caught by facehunter? and the dress looks really nice on you!

Fashion-Obsessed! said...

Hey, good luck in your mission, i just wrote about ethical issues in my blog a bit ago Oh and the fire looks cozy. I have just been camping and it rained twice, British whether sucks !
Great post :)

yiqin; said...

I hope you'll be able to stay on your shopping ban! I love the way you style your hair! Suits you so well!


Wow! I like the way you are thinking. Such a kind heart!

Barbara Frankie said...

wow thanks! i can totally get a copy over to you, if you email me

no need to worry about postage, stamps cost barely nothing!


Mimi said...

Horrible weather here too. :/
I love you hair!

J e s s i c a said...

i love your hair also.
it must of been hard putting them that way ! Is it ?

The Clothes Horse said...

Sweet necklace--I love how it was your great uncle's medal. Good luck on your shopping ban!

saray said...

love your hair! said...

Your hair is awesome.

Jordan said...

Just over a month ago, I also went to Liverpool to get my passport sorted out, and I also ended up wandering around the docks.