Monday, 9 June 2008

London Calling

last weekend, on a whim, i went to london to see the queen.
well, not quite the queen...someone even better; my big sister.
whilst i was there, we found out through a friend that she's in the style pages of this edition of British Vogue! and in the same flower coat that she drew in the picture, featured a few posts ago.
check out page 90, in the bottom lefthand corner (Vogue Spy, trend - florals) - i'm so proud, i could burst!

after driving down south on saturday with the parents, we stopped off at the Verulamium Museum in St.Albans. there were the most amazing preserved mosaics and a man's skeleton, found in 1989 in a beautiful lead coffin decorated with scallop shells. he was christened Posthumus and using his skull, they had made a reconstruction of his face.

M+D carried on to their friends' home in Chelmsford and i got the train to Kings Cross St.Pancras. and then got the underground to Liverpool Street. and then got a train to London Fields. phew!

i didn't go on a full bank blowout like i usually do when i go to visit, but i did buy some very pretty things.
at spitalfields market, i bought some cheap scraps of leather (and used one to make cara's birthday present) and a cute little knitted ladybird finger puppet for my best friend (another birthday present - i'm giving her things bit by bit)

at brick lane market, i finally found a straw fedora that's big enough for my head! the nice man selling them had the same predicament, and he cheered when i tried one on that fit.

we headed down to Beyond Retro, where i found the perfect pair of men's brogues...but at £28 secondhand, i couldn't really justify running around for a cash machine. instead, i got a pair of earrings and two bags of vintage buttons.
on the way home, we visited Superette, home of my long-time obsession Lady Luck Rules Ok and bought two really sweet sample necklaces on the cheap.

and for £1, i couldn't resist this. maybe i'll wear it into town sometime soon...

i would have gotten this t-shirt had i not have run clean out of cash.

whilst i was there, we also took a walk down the canal, played with two little black cats who live at a friend's house, went to the flower market, made mexican food and watched The Hours. i borrowed a Karen Walker dress that made me feel like Laura Ingalls Does The Big City, and went home on monday, in time to revise for history.


yiqin; said...

The necklaces are so cute!!!! I espeically like the second one! Awesome straw hat too!

fash said...

they were only £5 together, bargain!
the hat was a bit more, but bigheaded girls, we have to invest...

Anonymous said...

ahh yess loveee those necklaces