Thursday, 19 June 2008

Tatty Divine

so, instead of annotating my print out of Euripides' "The Trojan Women" for my imminent drama exam, i'm salivating over Rob Ryan's collaboration with Tatty Devine. i remember in high school, my friend hope and i used to fantasise about Tatty Devine jewellery and when my sister lived near Brick Lane last year, i visited their shop for the first time and brought her back a brooch, shaped like an envelope addressed back to them.

there are six beautiful limited edition pieces in the Rob Ryan collection, which i could probably never wear (even if i could afford them) because their messages seem too intimate to wear around your neck or pinned to your chest. pairs of birds, a heart that lists what it loves and an eye weeping tears that tell a little tale...they're like little love notes, secret whispers that i feel like i shouldn't hear.

"we must have cried
every type of tear
tears of joy
cold jealous tears
hot tears of fun
i even cried whilst
writing these words
but they were all good
every single one
little drops of me and you"

look here to see them for yourself; make sure you visit the rest of the site, and check out the sale. bees and bowties and kisses galore, at a much more student-friendly price. kind of.

UPDATE: see here and here for more ryan talent; blatant new found favourites.


Winnie said...

oh they really are lovely. I don't know whether I would wear them either, I think they would hang someone proudly in my room!

She's Dressing Up said...

Oh i love the "This bell will ring" necklace!

Paris Tarts said...

I love them :)

cotton candy said...

oh!!! such a pretty brooch. i have a fascination with brooches even though i rarely wear them. lol. im so glad you intorduced me to a new designer that i've never heard of. =D

thetinylittlegirl said...

just beautiful. i see what you mean about not thinking you could actually wear them. they seem like treasures you keep squirrelled away for when you need them most.

julia. said...

oh, tatty devines jewellery are awsome! i just discovered a swedish site, i recomend you to have a look! how cute isnt it!


I love your blog! Would you like to exchange the links?

Ida said...

I love the birds. I am not sure I would wear it either, though. There are some things one absolutely adores and craves that one would most probably never wear.

P.S. I had forgotten to link you, and I feel terrible. I had no idea why, I realized it when I kept searching for you in my blogroll, and couldn't find you. Damage fixed now!!


done :-) Thanks a lot for lovely comment!

ROBOTS said...

i really like your style.

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