Monday, 16 November 2009


Hafan means "summer home" in Welsh, and is the name of my grandparents' house. My great uncle lives in San Francisco and sends me his memoirs of early life in rural Wales. It is through him and my gran, his sister, that I learn more about my family, like my watch-making mechanic great grandfather. They are keepers of history, as we all are in our own way, and I am grateful for having such loving mines of information.

I'm going home this week, for a wedding. The house that I call home in England has really become my summer home. I still live and love it there, but I have a home here as well. There is an address in this city with just my name on it.

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Te said...

So nice about your family. I wish I was able to find out more about mine. Wales is gorgeous, I'm thinking about doing a Masters in Arthurian studies there in a couple of years.

Also, Edinburgh - I love it, will definitely be back for the Fridge again next year.