Thursday, 26 November 2009

November Blues

It seems a sad substitute to be riddled with sneezes and having to make happy soup and hot chocolate in order to stave off misery, instead of gorging on the feast of last year with good friends who are now far away. But moping is not in the spirit of thanksgiving! So here are three things I'm grateful for...
1) lovely people like Rosie who come bearing mini chocolate cupcakes and a tangerine for vitamin C and stay until midnight to talk about anything at all
2) putting up the Christmas tree with two of the best girls in the world
3) The Avett Brothers, who understand that November is hard

The Avett Brothers - November Blue

Happy Soup
- carrots
- suedes
- butternut squash
- onions
- celery
- fresh ginger
- fresh garlic
- herbs de provence
- butter
- vegetable stock
- gravy powder
Use as much or as little of everything as makes you happy.
Eat hot from a big bowl.

1 comment:

Svenske Floyd said...

Nice recipe! I would remove the gravy powder and add potato. The ginger surprises me a bit, but why not, I too like it strong!