Tuesday, 24 November 2009

To U From I

I am writing you letters (two to be exact) - they are I and U; two separate vowels with a gaping hole that belongs between them, a void that is achingly obvious, even in absence. The void has a name and it sounds like a sigh in the night of a lover in a lonely bed, or the last breath from a body that pushes the soul out skyward. It goes round and round and round, like a carousel or a ring around the moon.

There is a void between us, but of physical things, and time and distance. It is a void that can be bridged with love and effort and crossed by a journey. There is nothing impossible. So to remind you that the gaping hole between us is not impossible nor forever, I will write you a letter of letters spelling words and sentences. It will say "I owe you" and the only void will be at the end, where I should write "everything".


Svenske Floyd said...

This is so beautiful! What do the quotation marks signify? Did your Doppelgänger write it?

fash said...

thank you! it's from something i'm writing, i felt odd leaving quotation marks off it.

Svenske Floyd said...

So I was right LOL!