Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Of Pears and Pairs and Owls

If today had a song, it would go a little like this...
"The owls and the pears went to lectures,
and ate a beautiful pea green soup!"

I have spent all evening making vegetable barley broth to ward off November coughs and colds, and listening to the lovely tunes of Benjamin Francis Leftwich, an able-fingered friend of a friend.
An owl on the outside and an owl on the inside! And a couple of sweet organic conference pears. I love the name; it invites you to take a sweet little bite and have a lovely little talk.

red coat - New Look sale; matching grey woollen bean-et and scarflet - charity shop; jewelled owl brooch - inherited; National Trust owl t-shirt - Dorothy Perkins; bleached blue skinny jeans - borrowed; lace-up leather boots - Russell & Bromley; new watch - Timex

I came home to Canadian airmail waiting for me on the doormat from my favourite person in all of Canada. Thank you, darling!

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Te said...

Adorable pictures! I love owls, I have owl earrings that I wear when I need a boost of happiness. I am a bit bitter with pears at the moment because yesterday I took some to work for my students (I was teaching them about fruit) and couldn't find a knife..so had to cut them up with scissors - was a messy effort.