Wednesday, 4 November 2009


"Everything that is real is imperfect. Here, the horrible and the hideous are united to the sublime; there, elegance and grace are separated from grandeur and force. The traits of beauty are scattered and diverse..."
- On Art; Lectures on The True, The Beautiful and The Good by M.V. Cousin

pink knitted hat - W.I. stall; flowered t-shirt - Baby Says Boutique

Wander on the inside, with the wistful melodies of Sufjan Steven's A Sun Came!, the thoughtful works of Daniel Lehan and the melancholic echoes of Scots ballad Twa Corbies.

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Svenske Floyd said...

Your blog is a found-magazine indeed, of great finds. I didn't know of Victor Cousin before. The quoted passage, and what comes after it, is very interesting.