Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Run My Mouth

white top - H&M / Abercrombie cardigan - charity shop / wrap skirt and bird necklace - homemade / boots - Dr Martens

"Oh maiden where
wishest thou to go
with these sherds?
Lay down and cover
bones and bottle
And be for me again
a faithful lover!" - Ludolph Smids

This is a poem was written in the 17th century for the woman he commissioned to examine archaeological finds on the site of a megalithic tomb, Titia Brongersma who was a poet herself. Poetry in an archaeology lecture? I love it when my favourite things collide.

Support gay marriage! Today was for vegan brownies from Forest and little look in at the Jean Jullien exhibition at Analogue. I so want his Meat Eat Meat tee (ironic and just for kicks, as I'm living with two lovely liberal vegetarians...although I have got a hankering for a big barbequed steak).

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Svenske Floyd said...

I love the way you use a Christmas light garland in the first pic!