Monday, 19 October 2009

Ex Caelo

"Ex caelo" is the Latin term for the divinatory practice of observing storms in order to interpret what the thunder and lightning are telling you will happen. Regardless of the lapse in ancient religions, I like to think that some remnant of them remains in us today. There is something prophetic about the weather. I love the smell of a storm coming.

Today is for hot chocolate, learning about auspices and auguries, eating gherkins and coconut-covered chocolate biscuit balls (but not together), the contemplation of an exchange to a pretty prestigious New York college, making playlists and daydreaming. It is a cosy grey passing afternoon, for leather boots and feather quilts and hardbacked books. It is a day narrated by Iron & Wine and Regina Spektor and Johnny Flynn.

dress - gift from Sophia / tights - H&M / boots - Russell&Bromley / bag - Barnardo's Vintage

I am coming more and more to the conclusion that Cicero and I could have been tight as a fist. He got sad sometimes but stuck to his guns, and came out with some pretty remarkable things. Three cheers for the man who said "the sin is not in him who gave the warning, but in he that disregarded it."

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Te said...

Sounds like your yesterday was lovely. Was there a storm? The sky is grey here in AndalucĂ­a for the first time since I arrived. Iron & Wine are dreamy, I love The Trapeze Swinger.