Thursday, 1 October 2009


...hooray for days of experimental bakery and peanut butter-cinnamon honeybuns, cosy lie-ins on rainy mornings, The Lord of the Rings, the promise of Glastonbury 2010, holey old '90s dresses bought at happy times, elderflower and lime Kopparberg cider, nachos and dancing.
Welcome in, Autumn.

teddybear (27-09-09)

and i love you in the
morning soft and expectant
without hard lines or
fully-formed thoughts
with only low light and
dreams dissipating through
your skin like perfume
the wrong way round

you must know i am on fire
for you i am keeping
my eyes on the stars and
my feet on the ground
yet it feels the opposite when
you are near as now
topsy turvy turned around and
dizzying depths of feeling

i am burning in this
quiet morning that could be
as long as you and i could see it

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