Monday, 28 September 2009

Sunbeams on Grey Days

My last post was far too pessimistic; simply because my week was marred by unpleasantries doesn't mean it wasn't at first simply lovely. If Mary can embrace Mondays then so can I! And all the dreary days before it.
A lovely little lassie (who always reminds that the glass is still half full, and tops it up with strawberry lemonade) left work for exciting new pursuits that you can see more of on her blog. To celebrate, we had a lovely girly time at the elusive Roseleaf - they do cocktails in teapots! - and went to an awesome gig on what will now be known as Withered Hand Wednesday. Supporting, amidst others, were the fantastic eagleowl and Jo Foster. Give your ears a treat and have a listen (WH's Cornflake is heartwrenching and hilarious, I dare you to dislike it).

There was also homemade vegetable soup, letter-writing, a female voice choir meeting, spaghetti bolognese-sour cream enchiladas and Crazy Swayze Sunday - our tribute to the late great with a screening of the little-heard of To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar - an inspiring film about self-belief and drag queens. If that can't sort out a sorry turn of events then I don't know what can. Thank you, Vida, Noxeema and ChiChi. My half-empty glass now overfloweth.
We also are now suspicious that our flat is haunted...three-in-a-bed and sleepy giggles seemed to be the best and safest solution. I love my flatmates.

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