Thursday, 10 September 2009

MIA2JFK (and back again)

A week of penny scraping, subway hating, multi-culti eating habits, three-in-a-bed, dreadhead atop designer threads, Rippeing it up at Harvard, free beer, hanging out with Teddy Roosevelt, Oreos with milk and rooftop conference calls, J's galore, crazies, homies, fro-yo, the Fung Wah, museums dates with myself, jetlag, watermelon margheritas and general poverty-stricken hedonism. I played urban Xena, battling the crowds, taming the L train, striding around Bed-Stuy like I had a baseball bat and a bad attitude. I felt like Thoroughly Modern Millie before the tough old '20s makeover, and in some ways couldn't wait to quit couch surfing and come back home.
It was unreal. But then, the reality is that it wasn't real life for me. It's New York City.

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Anonymous said...

Cool post! Sounds so exciting!! I like the outfit you are wearing! I love pretzels and fro yo! lol! Museums are so much fun! The graffiti art is so fascinating especially the "when i grow up,i will sleep very little" true. The collage is so cute especially the little dog! I cannot wait for New York, I love you movie! It looks soo good! :)