Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Everyone has them. Dark places that haunt you like relentless shadows, refusing to be banished, no matter how bright the sunshine you choose to walk in. Dark thoughts that simmer in the back of your mind and roll around the pit of your stomach like lazy and poisonous butterflies. And sometimes they take shape. They solidify to the point at which you must hurry down the street in daylight to avoid their audacious outstretched fingers and fetid breath. They threaten to boil over like bubbles of water that you can hear hissing on the stove.

When you feel them close to you and when you feel afraid, turn and face them. Watch the water boil dry. See the shadows driven behind you. Everyone has them. Do not fear them. They will not be the end of you.

mike B

"At daybreak I climbed down from my hiding-place. My first thought was to throw myself into the sea and thus end a life which had already endured more than its share of hardships and ordeals. But when I was on the point of putting my resolve into execution, my courage failed me; for life is very precious."
- The Voyages of Sindbad


kerri ní dochartaigh said...

love love love this

R. Alexander said...

You're an excellent, thoughtful writer.

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely thoughts--and the quote reminds me of those old films with early animation that I adore. Also, I find people's darknesses which make them so human and beautiful.

Svenske Floyd said...

Immediately I thought of the "dementors" in the Harry Potter books. Do you like HP?

fash said...

oh yes! it's always nice to have a bit of fantasy escapism.

Svenske Floyd said...

Glad to hear! I re-read the whole series now, Prisoner of Azkaban almost finished today.