Monday, 30 March 2009


Prepare for a vapid post of superficial niceties. Necessary every once in a while.

Fabric scraps for a fiver. I've got plans.

credit unknown

I'm in the city for another five days until my daddy comes to take me home. Until then, I will be reliving my childhood by reading Malory Towers, counting out my piggy bank, doing a lot of washing and tidying, and completing the four more days of my compulsory Easter Archaeology course. Today was fascinating; we studied animal bones.

No one needs telling this, it's not new information; cupcakes are so cool, they've done a 360 to smoking hot. It was a double flatmate pre-birthday celebration last week before everyone went home for Easter; Angelica made art out of cupcakes and I brought the house down with french fancies. But ideally, we would have feasted on Lily Vanilli's
culinary delights as well as our cider and Doritos. Her cakes are more like edible cocktail rings or something else both stylish and saliva-inspiring. Lula loves her, and you will too - get down to Swanfield Market in London to sample some sweet stuff.
picture from Lula Magazine, found here

Click the image for the rest of the shoot, which is utterly fantastic and reminded me of advice that I should offer. Let your ears loose on the album Visiter by The Dodos; they will thank you for it and any previous issues between you and the pair of them, such as unfortunate waxy build-up or too much popping, will be instantly resolved.



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Winnie said...

I loved Malory Towers when I was younger, I still have the whole collection and a bunch of others from then. Enid Blyton's just great isn't she?

Intrigued at your plans for those fabrics!

fash said...

so good! i loved the magic faraway tree as well, and the famous five. good old enid.

sophie; said...

thank you (:
i hope so

R. Alexander said...

How beautiful is it to see the Bunel poster next to the Lolita poster. Practically perfect in every way.