Monday, 22 March 2010

Humble Fumble

Yarn Owl - Bicycle

I sent one of my sweethearts a recipe recently, and then realised that I've been so busy that my finest culinary achievement of late has been a turkey sandwich. Not counting the apple and blueberry pie with Sarah a week or so ago.

I've missed kicking up a fuss in the kitchen. So I dug out my adorable little copy of "Women's Institute Tea Time Treats" and let my leftovers guide me to a suitable recipe. Namely, coconut biscuits, more sweetly referred to in my mind as coconut sugar cookies.
It's simply equal parts plain flour, sugar, dessicated coconut and margarine, with just enough milk to make a stiff dough. I made them the size of a walnut, squashed flat on the baking tray and popped them in the oven at gas mark 2 (150oC) for about ten minutes, until "pale fawn in colour" as the W.I. ladies so eloquently put it.
They'd be perfect as a treat with coffee, smothered with chocolate spread, with strawberries and cream at a picnic, atop an ice cream sundae or just by the handful. Be warned, they are addictive - I won't be making these again for a while, lest I eat every single last one...

'Parting' by Michael Steven

The late
Sun slowly rising

our ceremony

A cigarette becomes
a kiss – a wordless goodbye

you follow

the smoke into your
clothes – you follow the clothes

into your body.


Yarn said...

thanks for posting our video! we are working on a full length album set to release this summer. keep in touch and head over to for more.

Yarn owl

fash said...

yarn blues is equally lovely. thank you for making such sweet songs, i'm very excited for an album.