Monday, 18 May 2009

I Still Hate Mondays

Healthy eating (as well as sporadic gym-going) has been put forward as a priority ever since I realised that I've just over a month until Cyprus, and that I need to be fitter than I've ever been if I'm going to hold my own when I'm out there.

However, I'm just far too self-indulgent at times to resist a good treat, but I don't feel too guilty because I always share. This is was a great big brownie-like nutty biscuit toffee-chunked cakey tray bake, and possibly the greatest baking achievement I've achieved in a while - which isn't hard, considering I've not been paying the oven proper respects recently.

And speaking of treats, I went to Glasgow last week with two lovely girls and came home laden with all kinds of good things. After being here almost nine months, I can't believe I've left it so long to go. Next year, Glasgae, next year...promise I'll be a frequent visiter.

top - handmedown thermal, skirt - carboot sale, necklace - vintage gift

(Kerri's fantastic £1 teapot and the ironic Barnardo's badge)

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Svenske Floyd said...

Yes, Glasgow is nice! I stayed there for a week in 2007, making trips to various places.