Thursday, 7 May 2009

Hearts and Unicorns

a guilty Starbucks

dinner with Angelica

Saturday exams are the epitome of everything I hate about education. Don't get me wrong, I love being in university and not just for all the parts that include junk food, alcohol, discounts, film marathons and acceptably living in your pyjamas. But surely Saturdays are the sabbath of the young. So why must mine be taken from me? It just doesn't compute. Lots of lovely things are happening despite the incoming academic onslaught. I found my typewriter, for less than £15 (it's beautiful, blue and grey and discoloured keys, a carry case and in full working order, except it needs a new ribbon so we can only half consumate our relationship). The cherry blossom is out and flying like confetti in the Edinburgh gales, and today I explored a pretty little corner of the city that I've so far left untouched. Summer is on its way and everything will be delish, just swell, peachy keen.

nightdress - family's vintage / skirt - vintage gift / cardigan - mother's / tights and socks - Marks and Spencers / shoes - Doc Martens / thistle brooch - grandmother's / amber ring - Krakow

homemade tequila cocktails

Can't quite get enough of these recently, and the girl who doesn't own CDs formally known as yours truly also caved in order to finally possess the wonder of Annie Hardy in disk form. I love you Giant Drag, and all who sail in you.


kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

yayy, you got it! xx

Te said...

wow, Saturday exams..yours is one brave education institution. Those cocktails look amazing..