Thursday, 13 November 2008

No Napping Allowed

it astounds me what my generation are doing.

i have to work on getting my sleeping pattern back to normal. no more 11am starts and 6am finishes with 4 hour mid-afternoon blackouts.
i just finished a 2000 word essay on gaelic poetry and my braincells have never been more scrambled. this weekend will make up for it, or else.
Peaches Geldof and PPQ - from the looks of things, i like it. i remember reading her column in ElleGirl (may it rest in peace) and then seeing her last year on Brick Lane and being really weirded out by the moment.

p.s. learn to love yourself more


bruce said...

cheers for the link ehhhhhhh!
epic. thanks.


bruce. x

fash said...

haha, you're very welcome, but how on earth did you find out?! x