Friday, 21 November 2008

I'm Going Home Today

to understand where you're going, you must first know where you're coming from.
can you guess which one is me?


Laura said...

I'm having doubts, but eh...the girl with the fringe?

Svenske Floyd said...

What a challenge! You are the one most to the left, aren't you?

Jordan said...

The one with the moustache?

julia. said...

oh! i guess you are the sweet one with the fringe, to the right in the picture! Im i right or not? ;)

Cayt said...

You are the littlest one :)

Surely your semester isn't done with already? Even I have a week to wait before I can disappear back to home cooking.

nicola said...

for some reason, this photo reminds me of the time you left either dozy dog or lazy lion at a hotel and you were gutted when you realised :)!
i remember your...9th birthday party was it? we went to alaphabet zoo and i met toni for the first time and knew nobody else but you lol.
and sleepovers nearly every night one summer (" absolute crap.")

oh, i miss you fiona arseley.
you're my very best friend and i dislike the world for separatng us geographically.

Winnie said...

I have no idea... but are you the one with the fringe??

fash said...

bottom right with the fringe; well done laura and julia and winnie and cayt! jordan, i'm flattered.