Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Miniature Living

my friend lisa bought this necklace from me yesterday.
i think i'll make one from the rocking chair for myself.

p.s. tag from cotton candy:
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1. when eating skittles, it's important that i eat 5 (one of each colour) at a time until they run out, beginning with purple then green then yellow then orange then red.
2. i never read my bank statements.
3. i talk and do things i don't remember in my sleep. recently, i jumped out of bed at a friend's house shouting "oh wait, just a second" and opened her bedroom door like i thought someone was there.
4. i only sing in the shower when i'm sad.
5. i'm an enormous bookworm, and i'm still hung up on fantasy fiction despite being past the age where it is socially acceptable to believe in magic, mythical creatures and other worlds.
6. i'm naughty and never carry on tags.


julia. said...

what a lovely necklace! and the shirt is stunning too!

Lyla said...

there's my pretty little necklace :)
thankyou feebs you are fabulous xxx

Cayt said...

I've been making faery wings recently. I still believe in magic and other worlds.