Thursday, 3 July 2008

"Applause, Applause, Applause!"

After catching Ghostbusters 2 on tv the other day, I have been daydreaming about Annie Potts every waking moment. Or should I say her character, Janine Melnitz, the wisecracking secretary. She's sharp, sarcastic, sassy...all the best s-words.

Red hair has been playing on my mind recently - I've been seriously contemplating a different dye job, and her cropped pixie cut from the first Ghostbusters and the beautiful overexaggerated bob from Ghostbusters 2, not to mention her cutting edge rockabilly quiff from the animated series...they're all only persuading me further.

As if the hair wasn't good enough reason to style-dolise her, she also sports a wide wardrobe of delights. Miniskirts, mismatched earrings, a huge leopard fur coat and lime green gloves. Personally, I'd lose the Harry Potter glasses in favour of the cute cats eye ones she wears in the cartoon, but somehow she makes them work. If I changed my mind, I could always bring out my own inner secretary chic at Lady Luck Rules Ok.

She's my favourite as Iona in Pretty in Pink, another 1980s hit. She's so much more magnetic than Blane, possibly one of the most disappointing romantic heroes of the 20th century. If I was Molly Ringwald, I would have ditched the trustfund boy and just hung out with staple-shooting Iona and her ever-changing hairstyles instead.
This, by the way, is what hair accessorizing genius looks like. A mini pillbox hat teamed with a bright hair net? Oh my, it's the stuff of daydreams...

However much I might love Iona, the real star of Pretty in Pink is clearly Duckie.
But I won't start about him, or I'll be typing until my fingertips fall off.


The Clothes Horse said...

I LOVE Annie Potts in "Pretty in Pink"--she's such an inspiration for her madcap style in that film. She was also my favorite on the tv show "Designing Women." Red hair is fantastic.
Oh, and I dislike people who dress shocking to shock as well! It's just obnoxious! I don't mind if they shock people with their personal style, but to dress a certain way purely for the reactions is actually so immature.

Ragamala said...

I love how versatile and changing her style was in pretty in pink! That's actually one of my favorite movies!

sweeetheartfever said...

ohhh shit! excuse me while i shed all polite formality and totally lose my mind over this entry! haha! i always said that EXACT same thing about Pretty In Pink, it seriously used to make me mad. I thought that guy was such a painfully boring moron, why the hell would Molly Ringwald bother with him?! (Then James Spader went on to be in Crash and Secretary and blew my mind...but that's a different story, yada yada yada)


ray said...

ha ha great film!and what a stlye icon.i think youd look great with red hair,ive been thinking of doin the samexx

Shen-Shen said...

Sarcastic & sassy sounds kickass. And so does red hair! I have a thing for red hair, personally, but since I'm asian I'll never be able to pull it off :(

Ida said...

Ghostbusters - I loved that movie, both parts were hilarious. Oh, and I love the signature song. Got me singing now:))

thetinylittlegirl said...

oooh! i prefer the cartoon look most of all. i think her hair in that pic is killer.
go for it!
(i've always loved red hair)

yiqin; said...

I love the specs! & red hair is a color I ALWAYS considered dying but many colors are just weird on Asians! :/ Btw, I love your background!

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She's Dressing Up said...

I'd love to have bright red hair! Those round spectacles are very "Harry Potter" haha

Gloria said...

her hair kind of has that faint taste of mullet...but if you're thinking about a red dye job, go for it!

Fashion-Obsessed! said...

Hey, i completely agree, the red hair is gorgeous, and i love the quiff. I have unfortunately never seen ghostbusters! I like your checked background.
Great post
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AlicePleasance said...

I always thought Janine was so cool. And Iona too, of course ;-)

Winnie said...

You look ace blonde but I bet red will look amazing on you!

Te said...

I haven't seen either! But I feel the red hair love, infact Im booked in to get my hair dyed today. Now I'm just trying to sort out what shade of red/ginger I would like. I noticed you're reading On the Road. Respect! Once you're past halfway you're home free.

fash said...

rohit: so sweet! but i'm really not sure which site of yours you meant, either way if you'd like to use my link you're welcome to :)