Friday, 4 February 2011

Ships & Sealing Wax

Last semester I gave a presentation on necromancy, and this term I am almost certain will do the same for selkies. In books on my course's bibliography, old lectures about St. Kilda, from a collection of Icelandic folktales given to me by my best friend and woven into the sea-sweet film The Secret of Roan Inish...these islanders and water-dwellers, their bobbing boats and fireside stories are seeping into my consciousness.

Letters like these are one of my very most favourite things - from Lenka and Michael, from me, from anyone really. I like to write and I like to receive. Write someone a letter; the time has come to talk of many things, or so a walrus told me.

The past month, Edinburgh has played witness to the kind of glorious sunsets that you wish would last forever. There are skies so beautiful that you almost hate to see them sail away into the west, fading into inky blues and violets and indigos, slipping away like a seal into water.

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